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Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland

Embassy of Finland, Belgrade


Finska Ambasada
Bircaninova 29, 11001 Belgrad, Serbia
tel. +381-11-306 5400
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For Finnish pianist Uki Ovaskainen Belgrade is home and music a way of life

Uki OvaskainenUki Ovaskainen was just a toddler when he first got into the world of classical music. Since then, his career as a professional pianist has taken him around the world and even brought about an invitation to take part in the filming of a new movie directed by Ralph Fiennes. On the coming weekend, Belgraders will get to enjoy Ovaskainen’s playing at three concerts organized at the Kolarac Hall under the theme ‘Do you love Brahms?’. More...

Finnish farmer invented a way for the pedestrians to shine bright in the dark

Finland emoji reflectorsEspecially before the snowfall in October and November, the nights are often pitch-black in Finland and the days quite dim as well. This puts pedestrians crossing the streets or walking along roads with no footpath at great risk, as drivers often cannot notice them in the dark. In the early 1950s, a Finnish farmer More...

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